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Alarm Systems



The latest in alarm technology

I arrange installation of intruder alarms, door entry systems, and CCTV, through a trusted security alarm fitter.

An alarm is a great security asset, and there are now many interactive options available enabling you to monitor movement and activity in and around your property. In this way, you can reduce false alarms caused by animals or weather, and enable yourself or the police to respond more quickly and precisely to any threat posed.

They are also capable of recording superb quality images of intruders, posing further deterrence and making investigations and prosecutions much more straightforward.

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Install your home with the latest protections today

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A wide range of options

From doorbell cameras to sophisticated motion detection, your alarm fitter will consult with you about the security system you require, and fit it to a high standard. You can also consult with myself to fully assess any possible weaknesses in the security of your home or business, and take any remedial action necessary

Here for all your alarm needs

Partnering with trusted security alarm fitters, Britannia Locksmiths facilitates the installation of comprehensive security systems. From intruder alarms to door entry systems and CCTV, we tailor solutions to meet your specific security needs, ensuring a safer environment for you and your loved ones.


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