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Free Security Checks



Help prevent break-ins

If you would like to improve your home security, give Richard a call, and he can provide impartial advice based on nearly 20 years of experience.

Whether you own commercial or domestic property, the prospect of being broken into is not something you want to think about. However, with the aid of a security consultant, you can have a full check-up of the security of your property.

From potential weak-points of entry to blind spots in CCTV systems, you can have a full overview of the potential areas for improvement of your property for free.

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Providing professional and impartial advice

If you would like free advice on ways to improve your home security, contact me on: 


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Impartial and insightful

There is no obligation to act on any of my recommendations and no hard sell. With nearly two decades of experience in the locksmithing industry, and two decades prior to that in the HM Armed Forces, I have the capability to anticipate virtually any eventuality that may compromise your security. You can also verify that your locks match up to your insurance requirements.

Peace of mind

Benefit from nearly 20 years of experience by taking advantage of free security checks. I provide free impartial advice to help you improve your home security. Feel free to reach out for valuable insights tailored to your unique requirements.


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