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Master Key Systems



How I can make your master key system work for you?

If you are running commercial premises or are a landlord and need a master key for all the doors, I can create the perfect master key system for you.

Master Key systems offer control over the movement of people within a building or buildings to provide security and accessibility to the customer for their key holders, tenants or occupiers. Designs can be either on an open section key or on a restricted security key, registered to stop unauthorised duplication of keys. Britannia Locksmiths recommends using restricted security key system as this is more secure.

 a person using a master key to open a uPVC door


Keep your property of business safe today

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Using the specialist technology

Whether your need is a single security lock for your own front door, or a large establishment or company with multiple sites I can help. Britannia Locksmiths use computer based software to aid the design of a secure Master Key system. This reduces the risks of cross keying or ghost keys. The system automatically builds in any element for extra capacity, so you can add additional cylinders in the future if required.

Commercial, domestic and residential

Managing commercial premises or rental properties? Britannia Locksmiths specialises in creating master key systems, offering convenience and control over access to multiple doors. Trust us to design and implement the perfect master key system for your specific needs.

Britannia Master Locksmiths fit master key systems to domestic premises, multi-tenanted buildings and flats, schools, colleges, universities, health authorities, council and local authorities, retail and offices or any business with multiple sites. I design master key systems to cylinder operated locks both euro and oval, padlocks, any combination of these locks.


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