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I am a uPVC multipoint locking systems and locks specialist, able to fit a wide range of BS3621 locks to windows and doors.

We can begin together by assessing the specific requirements and features of the uPVC door. I will consider the type of uPVC multipoint locking system in place and any existing locks. Engaging with the client, we will discuss your own security needs and preferences. This may include the level of security desired, types of locks available, and any additional features such as anti-snap or anti-drill capabilities.

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Finding the best lock
for your situation

Based on the assessment and consultation, we can choose the most suitable lock for your uPVC door, selecting British Standard locks that meet industry standards for security. From there I will prepare the uPVC door for the new lock installation, removing the existing lock, cleaning the area, and ensuring that the door is in good condition for the new installation. I will then expertly install the lock, aligning components precisely, and ensuring that the lock operates smoothly.

After installation, I will thoroughly test the lock to ensure that it functions as intended, checking the key operation, testing the locking mechanism, and confirming that the door closes securely.

If needed I will also provide a demonstration, so you know how to operate the new lock correctly and use any additional security features, and you are comfortable and confident with your newly installed lock.


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